Vacation Rentals in the Ligurian Riviera and Lakefront villas

Emotions to live

Passion is our push and a continuous energy leading us to look for the most beautiful houses for your vacation rentals.
We make sure the interior design can impress you for its quality, elegance and functionality, with top finishes allowing energetic certification in Class A. We take care of the green in the common areas, every vacation home has a private garden or terrace.
Locations are chosen to excite you, meaning that overhang the water or have a rich history coming from the Middle Ages.
How many many villages are still uncovered in Liguria and Iseo Lake Iseo? And how many views, hiking, typical dishes, surprises and suggestions can offer a worthy holiday? Not to mention the relaxation that you can enjoy with your loved ones, having a dip in the sea, swimming in your pool or enjoying a sauna in the spa.
For your vacation rentals discover our houses in Ligurian Riviera or Iseo Lake.
How can I choose the right house for my vacation rentals?
Every house is described by a lot of useful information: the number of persons who can be hosted, how many rooms, beds and bathrooms are available, whether pets allowed or not. You can look at external and internal rooms, and be informed about the services and attractions in the area.
For any doubt you can find answers in the support page, contact us at +39 366.235.5632 or email us at
What if I'd buy it?
It 's our news! If at the end of your stay you fancied your vacation home you can buy it and start living there right away.
Furniture, equipment and household appliances become yours.
Holiday is offered and cost deducted from the final price.
For more information email us at

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